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When It Comes To Divorce, You Have Choices…


Whether to proceed with a divorce trial must be weighed carefully and you can count on our experience to guide you through the process.


The parties file a joint petition with the court and request that their marriage be terminated.

Child Custody

Child custody cases are the most destructive litigation. Be sure that the child(ren) would be significantly better off with you than the other parent before you get involved in a custody fight.

Child Support

Child support is calculated in Ohio by using statutory guidelines – based upon the parties’ combined gross income. The court must first determine what the parties’ gross incomes from all sources are.

Spousal Support

The biggest considerations are over the duration and amount of spousal support. The duration would be the length of time the payor would pay spousal support to the payee.


Litigation and collaboration both ultimately lead to the same end of termination of a marriage or the settling up of rights between parents of the child(ren). Choosing litigation or working collaboratively is simply a matter of the best way to get it done.


Collaborative Divorce is an approach to divorce that offers couples an opportunity to finalize their divorce with a minimum of bitterness and animosity.

Detailed Consultation

The purpose of the detailed consultation is to give you enough information so that you will have some direction on handling your divorce, child custody or support issues.

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